CR1088 RGB Front Panel Compact inverted ATX Case


CR1088 RGB Front Panel Compact inverted ATX Case


The ultra-compact CR1088 Prism updates the award-winning CR1080 with a new black/red exterior, RGB lighting, increased internal space, and dust filters. It packs a punch with support for full-size ATX motherboards, power supplies and graphics cards.



  1. The CR1088 Prism takes the core of the award-winning CR1080 and takes it to the next level with a muscular new black/red exterior, RGB lighting, increased internal space, and additional dust filters. Dual compartments: one for the motherboard, CPU, and graphics card, and a second for the power supply and drives, direct airflow to critical components for improved cooling efficiency. Additional mount points for fans or liquid radiators add cooling flexibility. To ease installation, CR1088 has modern builder-friendly features such as tool-free mounts and cable tie-downs.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 15.5 x 11.2 x 17.7 in

Tech Specs

3 years

8.6 lbs / 3.9 kgs

Chassis format
Micro ATX

15.5 x 9.0 x 14.2 in / 394.0 x 230.0 x 360.0 mm

Chassis support
ATX / Micro ATX/ Mini ITX

Max GPU lenght
300mm / 11.81in

Max CPU cooler height
122mm / 4.80in

Max PSU Length

Expansion slots


Faq & Support

Do I need any software to run RGB on the Prism CR1088?

No, the PRISM RGB solution found on the CR1280 was designed to work without the need of installing any software at all, it runs with a single button, the RGB Controller was loaded with several preset colors that can change by pressing the RGB bottom found in the control panel and it works like this:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. White
  5. Yellow
  6. Pink
  7. Rainbow Cycle (animates through 256 colors)
  8. Custom color Lock


Does the CR1088 offers a discrete mode?

YES!, by pressing the RGB button for more than 3 seconds will turn all lightning off, while maintaining the fans working.  In order to enable the Lightning, you will need to press the RGB button for 3 or more seconds, and the lighting color will come back exactly as it was before shutting the lightning off.


Can I plug non RGB fans to my PRISM RGB fan controller?

No,  it is not recommended as it will not allow the lightning on your CR1088 to work,  the controller needs to keep a perfect sync between the fans and the RGB controller, by connecting a non RGB /other vendor fan, it will simply take the whole lightning system out of sync.   If you wish to add fans that are not PRISM CLASS FAN into your new CR1088 Case, please do install it and power them up by connecting them into any free fan header on your motherboard. (Please refer to your motherboard documentation for the location of each individual Fan Header.


Can I save my color settings to my PRISM CR1088 Case?

Yes, the PRISM fan does come with onboard memory. And will keep your configuration regardless of power failure, system being moved to another location, restarts etc.  The configuration is completely saved.


How many fans comes preinstalled into the CR1088 and where?

The CR1088 comes with one (1) LED fans of 120x120x25mm mounted on front. However it does support more fans in the front (1) and in the bottom (2)


The CR1088 designs looks very different. And the motherboard area looks inverted why? 

The CR1088 is probably one of the smallest ATX cases ever built, if done in the traditional fashion, It could lead to a bunch of thermal problems.  by turning the Motherboard the way we did it with the CR1088, besides features such as compartment design Etc,  we made sure that that the hotter components (video card) are now located very near to top exhaust area , and preventing heat buildup in some of the most critical areas of the computer.  Airflow pressure works naturally allowing for much better dissipation in this smart design.

Being this small, Can we use the CR1088 as a gaming solution?

Absolutely yes!, this case was thought as a gaming oriented solution with a very small footprint, designed mainly for those who wants a Powerful PC without occupying lots of room, it is also perfect for those who loves to take their PCs to lan partys, or those users who simply loves to move their PC often.


Support FAQ:

Does the CR1088 supports Multi GPU’s configurations such as SLI/CROSSFIRE?

In some scenarios it could hold a couple cards, but due to the side panel design RIOTORO recommends the installation of a single potent video card


Can I install LARGE video cards into the CR1088?

Yes, cards as large as 300mm can be installed in this case, however keep the height of the card below 120mm, remember this is a small solution, and will hold ALL REFERENCE DESIGN Cards in the market and some aftermarket design as long as it is kept below 120mm.


Can I install Large PSU’s into the CR1088?

The CR1088 support PSU up to 220mm LONG. Please refer to your PSU documentation to see the length of the PSU.


Does my CPU Cooler fits in the case? 

Any CPU cooler below 122mm in height will fit without any issues at all. This means only Low profile CPU AIR coolers are supported by the CR1088, we do strongly recommend the use of AIO watercoolers.



What size of motherboard does the CR1088 support? 

The Cr1088 supports the following motherboards standards:

1: ATX

2: Micro ATX

3: Mini ITX.


Can I install 240mm AIO Water cooling solutions into the CR1088? 

Yes, this case new case has a great size, so Water cooling of 240mm can installed in this case, however it does support 120mm radiators (including the wide versions), and it is highly recommended.


Does this case support USB 3.0?


The CR1088 supports USB 3.0 (2x)


How many hard drives can be installed in the CR1088? 

The CR1088 supports natively 2x 3.5” bays, 2x 2.5” bays. And 1x hybrid 3.5”/2.5” convertible bay



I noticed that the PSU compartment has a fan mount of 80mm , do I need to add a fan in that location? 

No, it is not required for the case to have this fan installed, it is entirely optional, as most optional , the case will always take advantage of any extra fans and features installed into it.




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