20 Apr 2017
"This blog is the official source for everything related to RIOTORO."

Welcome to RIOTORO.

RIOTORO was founded for enthusiasts — by enthusiasts. We understand what makes great hardware, and what the every day builder would want in their rigs at home. At RIOTORO, we don’t want to waste your time¬†(or even ours) producing something that won’t stand up to the rest. This blog will showcase what reviewers are saying about our products and what builders are doing with them.

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24 Apr 2017

English Social Channels Setup

Our platforms are taking a change so we can better our interaction with customers like yourself. We are adding new outlets to our line-up and categorizing our handles by language!


07 Apr 2017

Anand Tech

The Riotoro Prism CR1280 Case Review

07 Apr 2017

PC Perspective

RIOTORO PRISM CR1280 RGB Full-Tower Enclosure Review

07 Apr 2017

Neo Seeker

Riotoro CR1280 Prism Full Tower Case Review